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Mechanic's Garage

    Did you know the average vehicle cost in the U.S. is over $42,000!?  Maintain your investment with high quality parts and fluids to extend the life of your car or truck. states, "..synthetic oil frictions better than conventional oil in cold and extreme weather conditions. It all adds up to fewer emissions, better fuel and oil economy, and a quicker engine start time. In a variety of industry-standard tests, synthetic engine oils performed an average of 47 percent better than conventional oils. So although you have a higher initial investment cost, choosing synthetic oil benefits your car and your wallet because it could be worth it further down the road."

Oil Change

Oil is the life blood of your engine! Regular oil changes using high quality synthetic oils provide better lubrication and cleaning of vital engine parts.  Full synthetic oils also provide longer drain intervals lowering the overall cost of vehicle maintenance, and protecting your engine from costly repairs.


Squeaky, grinding, or pulsating brakes causing you to cringe?  Your brakes are the most important safety system in your vehicle.  Don't let your brakes fail!  We use quality Ceramic brakes that offer quiet use yet perform without brake fade.  Book your appointment today!


Every year your vehicle has hundreds of hours of use.  Increase reliability, efficiency, and the joy of driving with an annual tune-up.  Since each vehicle is different, please Call or Email us to see what is needed for your specific application. 

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