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Brakes are one of  the most important parts of your vehicle!  Safety of you and your family depend on your brakes working right each and every time.  Typically brakes should be changed, on average, every 40,000 miles.  Squeaking or grinding when applying the brakes are another sign your brakes are beginning to fail.  If these issues are not taken care of quickly they can escalate into much more costly repairs.

Brake Pad Replacement (Front or Rear) - $165* 

Complete Brake Job (Pads and New Rotors)

- $275* Passenger cars  

$300* Trucks/SUVs

Brake Calipers - Vary by vehicle 

We also, on request, install high performance upgrades such as Drilled and Slotted Rotors

*Most makes and models

Car ceramic disc brake with yellow calip
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